AEC Innovations

AEC Innovations

A global community of AECO professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, and technologists, who are interested in learning about AI-assisted technologies and applications in the fabrication and construction industry
Upcoming Virtual Event

Innovation Growth And The Power Of Technology Adoption​

Speaker: Jorge Tubella,

Construction Technology Specialist, Dysruptek

Thursday, January 26, 2023

8:00-8:30 AM (PT)

Why Join the Community

To learn from AEC industry leaders how to innovate new business capabilities

Join the AEC Innovations events for:


Meet like-minded people who might be at the same level or ahead of you in their AI journey.​


Find out about the latest cutting-edge technologies, changing the industry.


Learn from the thought leaders and entrepreneurs in this industry and expand your positive impact.​

The Book: Becoming An AI Leader In AEC​
Learn more about AI and its potential use cases in AEC

Augment It

How architecture, engineering, and construction leaders implement artificial intelligence to save time, increase profits, fast-track their success, and future-proof their business.

AEC Innovations Community Events

AEC Innovations Community Members
Who is in the community?
  • AEC professionals
  • AEC technologists and entrepreneurs
  • AEC startups
  • AEC organizations
  • University professors and students (AEC)
AEC Innovations Speakers
How to join as a speaker?
  • By invitation only. However, if you are interested in speaking at the AEC Innovations events, please send us an email with the following info:
    • Title of your presentation
    • Learning objectives (up to three objectives)
    • Summary of your presentation (3-5 lines.)
More details about the Events and the community
  • No membership fee. Our goal is to provide a platform to share knowledge and experience at no cost.
  • Virtual events are typically at 8 am (PST) on Thursdays.
  • Participants are from all around the world.

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