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The AEC innovations community (AKA AI4AECO), founded in Nov. 2020, is a global community of AECO professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, and technologists interested in learning about AI-assisted technologies and applications in the fabrication and construction industry.

Samaneh Zolfagharian, Ph.D., Co-Leader

Lifetime learner, navigator, & builder

Samaneh is a product technologist with over seven years of experience in launching SaaS products and seven years of experience in R&D within the construction industry. She devised and executed a business plan and strategy for connecting manufacturing and AEC solutions, leading to an Industrialized Construction initiative. Before this initiative, she was one of Autodesk’s product managers leading the manufacturing solution database aiming to elevate the planning, program, and production of manufacturing processes.

Samaneh holds a Ph.D. in Design Computing and Construction Management from Georgia Tech. She is a published author and has more than 30 research papers (with 200+ citations) in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.


Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Ph.D., Co-Leader

Mehdi is an author, speaker, and a co-founder. He’s devoted to helping CEOs, CTOs, innovation directors, and business executives to grow their businesses and differentiate themselves and their companies via AI technology and innovation. With a decade of experience in the research and development of innovative AI solutions in the AEC and manufacturing industry at Autodesk and Georgia Institute of Technology, Mehdi brings a unique perspective to the AEC industry. Mehdi has led and advised on several AI solutions that are used by tens of thousands of AEC and manufacturing professionals every day.

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