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Do's & Don'ts Of Starting A Construction Tech Company

Alice Leung

VP of Platform and Product Strategy,

Brick & Mortar Ventures

Alice Leung shared her experience and lessons learned from working with AECO startups and guiding the current and soon-to-become founders in the AECO industry.

Agile Robotic Autonomy and Dynamic Sensing for Digital Twins

Brian Ringley, Construction Product Manager at Boston Dynamics

Brian Ringley, Construction Product Manager at Boston Dynamics, sat with our AEC Innovations community to share how robots in construction have the potential to enhance job site productivity and safety through autonomous and repeatable data capture. Legged robots are bringing physical automation to complex, changing environments like construction sites…

Building is a Verb: Distributing Best Practices with Automation

Anthony Hauck is COO & Co-founder at Hypar

Anthony Hauck is COO & co-founder at Hypar, shared how architectural design, design-build, building products, and construction companies have leveraged the Hypar platform to arrive at automated configurations that reduce time to decisions by 90% or more.


Augment It Book Style

Becoming an AI Leader in AEC

Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Author & CEO at YegaTech

Mehdi Nourbakhsh, CEO of YegaTech, talked about an innovation framework, and then he demonstrated how leading design and construction companies have been using the framework to improve productivity, efficiency, and their bottom line.

Events in 2021

Labit Group

Digital Co-Design Platforms To Bridge The Gap Between Customers And The AEC Industry

Miguel Vidal, the UK director of Labit Group

Miguel Vidal, the UK director of Labit Group, sat with our AI4AECO community to share how Labit Group employs AI and computational design to make people’s lives better by incorporating users into the design process. Unlike the car industry, which has been evolving to adapt and adjust to users’ needs and experience, the AEC industry …

Scott Peters

Construction Robotics (CR): The Changing Face Of Construction

Scott Peters, the founder and CEO of ConstructionRobotics (CR)

In September, Scott Peters, the founder and CEO of Construction Robotics (CR), spoke at our event and shared their research and robotic technologies with our AI4AECO community and their POV about the future of the construction industry. This article summarizes some of the discussions shared during the session. Construction Robotics (CR) The construction labor challenge …

HD Lab

HD Lab: Robots & The Future Of Construction

Niles Falk, the CEO of HD Lab

In September, Niles Falk, the CEO of HD Lab, joined us and shared his research and robotic technologies with our AI4AECO community. This article summarizes some of the discussions shared during the session. HD Lab There is massive potential for robot applications for digitalization, site production, and field robotics within…

AI Is Not Magic!

Kelly Cone, the VP of Product Management at ClearEdge

Kelly Cone, the VP of Product Management at ClearEdge, was our speaker in September. Kelly shared an overview of how ClearEdge3D software solutions leverage AI and computer vision technologies to reduce tedious manual modeling and quality assessments. What is ClearEdge3D? ClearEdge is automating scan-to-BIM and construction verification workflows via three software technologies: Edgewise accelerates the …

AI is not Magic!

Dr. Sogand-Behzad

Cultivating Smart Construction Safety Using Technologies & AI

Dr. Sogand Hasanzadeh and Dr. Behzad Esmaeili 

Dr. Sogand Hasanzadeh and Dr. Behzad Esmaeili joined our AI4AECO event in August 2021. They presented three main applications of AI in “personalizing safety training,” “detecting risk-compensatory behavior,” and  “monitoring hazards and identifying the root causes of accidents,” as summarized below. Research 1: Personalizing Safety Training via Wearable Technology Challenges: While OSHA training is essential, …

Closing The Loop Between BIM And The Field

Dr. Tessa Lau Founder/CEO at Dusty Robotics

When Tessa began remodeling her house, she noticed the construction crews were working on their hands and knees. She wondered how she could help them through robotic automation and digitization. Thus, she decided to put on a hardhat and steel-toed boots, and examine construction sites to discover which iterated and laborious tasks could benefit from …


High-Frequency Digital Twins: Unlocking The Power Of Jobsite

Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO of OpenSpace

Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO of Openspace, joined our AI4AECO event in June 2021 and talked about the application of digital twins in construction sites. Jeevan elaborated on the definition of digital twins, with examples, and then discussed the Openspace technology. This report provides a high-level summary of what Jeevan shared about the applications of digital twins …


AI Supporting Building of Sustainable Societies

Brett Young, CTO at

On March 25th, 2021, Brett Young presented to AI4AECO and discussed his personal tech journey with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).  Brett is a former construction project manager, BIM consultant, and a current software developer.  As the CTO of, he helps realize project delivery as a product configuration experience, creating automation for …


AI & Technology Application In Construction Project Delivery

Janne Liuttu, Chief Data Scientist at Ramboll

Building and construction sectors are major contributors to both waste and emissions globally. The impact of more sustainable methods and actions within the sectors is high. Data and modern technology have a crucial role in enabling this while projects are increasingly more complex as are stakeholder expectations.

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